About Us

Hitchhiker Toys was born from over 25 years in the retail and haunted house industry. We come from a time when Friday nights were for video stores, Saturday mornings were cartoons and Sunday mornings were wrestling. A time of ecto coolers and dunk-a-roos! When you couldn’t wait to take your pogs to school and you could only dream of a time when they make an actual X-Men movie! And even in all the excitement of being a kid in the 80s/90s there was one experience that stood tall amongst the rest...going to Toys R Us! 10,000 plus square feet of any toy a kid could ask for - M.A.S.K., Ghostbusters, WWF, Star Wars - just save your allowance and pick your poison. As soon as the doors opened for you and the smell of fresh cardboard and plastic hit you in the face you knew that in the words of Ice Cube, “Today was a good day!”Unfortunately in today's world this experience is all but lost...or is it! We yearn for those days of yesteryear so we created Hitchhiker Toys as a way to still play with our toys and share what we've found along the way with you! So let us take you for a ride down memory lane. Just tell us were you're headed and throw your bags in the backseat!